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The Latest Pieces on Paradise.

Model Units Wow at First Owners’ Party

Calypso music floated through the 80-degree air, luscious tropical food filled the menu, the sun was shining, and the Landshark and Margaritas were flowing. Sounds like every day at Margaritaville Resort Orlando. However, this party was anything but ordinary. At the first of many homeowners’ parties, over 400 fun-loving family and friends were treated to a sneak peek of the newest offering in the … [Read More...] about Model Units Wow at First Owners’ Party

A Very Buffett Christmas

Does your ideal Christmas include a turntable with some Buffett tunes spinning and a palm in place of a pine?  If so, we’ve put together a few quick tips and inspirational ideas to help you bring the party to the North Pole. Set the Tone There are a slew of tropically themed holiday songs out there, but you can’t go wrong with either of Jimmy’s two Christmas albums. Nothing beats the … [Read More...] about A Very Buffett Christmas

A Newbie Heads to the Heart of Margaritaville

How Meeting of the Minds, Key West 2017 changed me. Have you ever sat in class, wondering what on earth was going on, but didn't dare raise your hand? Well, that's precisely how things were, the moment I'd learned of my assignment to my very first Meeting of the Minds at Key West. Jealous colleagues and friends clearly knew more about Key West than I did, but that didn't stop me realizing … [Read More...] about A Newbie Heads to the Heart of Margaritaville

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